About The Woods Fine Jewelry

Growing up in Boulder in the 70’s and spending summers is Aspen, sisters Shawn Hecox and Samantha Hitchcock were always surrounded by incredible beauty. With the mountain vistas, alpine lakes and wild-flowered fields of the Colorado Rockies as a backdrop to their lives they developed an appreciation of organic beauty and style at a young age. This appreciation translated into a love for fashion and specifically jewelry.

 The sisters pursued careers in retail and wholesale ready-to-wear post college. Buying and selling designer collections, Shawn and Sam dreamt of creating a brand that incorporated their unique aesthetic – easy, fun and beautiful. In 2005 Shawn left a successful position at a women’s fashion manufacturer in San Francisco and Sam left as buyer for a luxury retailer to found The Woods Fine Jewelry. During the initial year in Aspen, The Woods Fine Jewelry immediately found its footing amongst an international clientele. The sisters still find inspiration in many of these amazing women.

Art, fashion, music, architecture, nature and spirituality – Shawn and Sam wanted to create a line that fell in with their sensibilities and showcased varied personal influences. The sisters love of contrast, vintage/modern, rough/smooth, precious/unfussy, informs the often bepoke designs. Natural components, stones, and precious gems are staples. Mixing metals, unique combinations, and texture and layering often result in a more-is-more, statement look.